Scott Dylan: Accomplished Business Professional

Scott DylanScott Dylan is a young business professional who truly embodies the spirit of modern entrepreneurialism. Since the beginning of the 21st century, Dylan has expertly maneuvered through technological developments, social trends and business responsibilities to become a well-known figure in the media and creative industries. With an impressive and diverse skill set, Dylan has gained recognition and career experiences as major companies have sought him through his freelance efforts in business development.  Throughout the years, he has uncovered many new and exciting opportunities allowing him to work throughout his home country, the United Kingdom, and to travel around the world to contribute towards international projects. In order to get a better idea of what Dylan has accomplished in a timespan that has lasted nearly 15 years, here is a brief timeline of his accomplishments:

  • 2000 – Today:  Dylan marked the beginning of his career as an entrepreneur and investor, specifically serving the needs of those within the media and creative industries. More than a decade later after making headway into this field, he has built a diverse portfolio to currently hold numerous investments in companies working in media, digital and creative capacities. Having a keen eye for trends and experienced a great deal of success through the rise of the digital era, Dylan continues to seek out new opportunities within this market.
  • 2000 – 2002: Dylan worked as a Technical Developer for Web-Imps, a position in which he was involved in all aspects of web application development. Through this work, he mastered every stage of the process providing a wide range of services from design and scoping to deployment and support.
  • 2003 – 2005: During this period, Dylan provided services in message transferring and technical management. With a vast comprehension of the online space and the needs of modern businesses, he produced effective, content-managed web sites through every phase of the process, from initial analysis to delivery and support. Working in this capacity, Dylan successfully developed a new application that collected data from ships currently at sea through satellite communication. The information collected through this application was then transmitted from the satellites to a data center, which sorted different platforms and formats for delivery to various locations around the globe.
  • 2004: As a freelancer, Scott Dylan served as a Senior Developer for Deutsche Bank—a leading global investment bank. Through this role, Dylan helped the organisation redevelop its signature “Techmart” system, a part of the bank’s internal asset management systems.  In order to accomplish associated tasks, he relied on his vast technical skills to migrate existing databases from MySQL to Oracle and recoded the project with the Adobe Coldfusion application. These responsibilities also relied on Dylan’s understanding of PHP and Java.
  • 2004: Exercising his creative and media skills, Dylan served as a freelance Graphic Designer and Developer for Carphone Warehouse. Through this role, he was able to design, develop and test a comprehensive e-learning system for the Virgin Mobile brand, rates and phones. This system served employees of Carphone Warehouse, allowing them to test their understanding of instructed material.
  • 2004: Dylan worked as a freelance Lead Developer for Cable and Wireless—a leading global telecommunications provider. Specifically, he used his comprehensive skill set to develop new features for the Criminal Justice Secure Mail Network, and executed extensive testing for bugs within the system. In order to improve productivity and efficiency for administrative system users, Scott Dylan developed new file management and content management systems. He also used his skills to successfully restructure code and implement configuration changes within the organisation’s servers.
  • 2005 – 2006: As a contract employee, Dylan successfully served well-known tech giant, Microsoft as a Network Security Specialist. Through this position, he provided services to help the company develop new encryption platforms intended for use in the development of a new secure network structure. In addition to these development efforts, Dylan always spearheaded implementation of the platforms throughout the organisation.
  • 2006 – 2009: As a dedicated hands-on investor, Dylan expanded his services to become Investor and Managing Director of an organisation known as XM Media. XM Media is a company that is known for expertly uniting the worlds of modern technology and creative media. XM Media customers can enjoy a wide selection of provided services that allow for the creation of web, print, or other digital media content. As a full-service company, XM Media offers an array of other technical resources including website hosting, mass image scanning, PHP scripting and many other computer related services.
  • 2008 – 2010: Dylan served as the Managing Director and Investor for Bluega Creative Recruitment. Bluega Creative Recruitment is a relatively new creative recruitment agency that strives to improve commerce through connecting business with talented professionals working in the design industry. With a focus on new media and online marketing, Bluega has designated itself as a leader of the evolution of creativity and talent.
  • 2012 – Today: As a social media and online marketing expert, Dylan has earned ranking as Moderator for the third-largest group on popular business-oriented social network, LinkedIn. As Moderator of the group, known as Social Media Marketing, Dylan has helped maintain and expand the community to boast more than 446,700 members.

Scott Dylan Highlights Importance of Media in Modern Business

By observing his professional history, it is clear that Scott Dylan offers a wide set of skills within technical, creative and entrepreneurial capacities. Although Dylan’s career often revolves around Internet applications, media and online marketing, he notes that these are aspects that no business in today’s economy should ignore. From small, local businesses to large, global corporations, media—especially forms related to the Internet—plays an immense role in a company’s success. Whether a business owner utilises these skills on his or her own or relies on a dedicated professional within this field, it has become increasingly important for every successful organisation to develop a strong web presence. According to Scott Dylan, a bold web presence can make all the difference for an emerging company, as new media is one of the most proven methods for reaching audiences in today’s world. Although developing a strong online presence begins with the design and implementation of a smooth, efficient website, the needs of online marketing extend much further. For instance, Scott Dylan highlights social marketing, search engine optimization and web analytics as some of the key components found in today’s thriving and diverse online marketplace—even among businesses that do not even operate within the technical and Internet space.

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